No Such Thing as Multi-Jurisdictional Handgun License

I recently received a telephone call from a Texas resident asking me about a $17 Groupon from a company offering a multi-jurisdictional concealed handgun license. Folks, it simply does not exist. When you apply for a handgun license, you are always going to apply to a specific state, and if you meet their qualifications, and pay their fees (usually $100 or more), then you may receive a handgun license issued by that one state. That state may or may not have reciprocity with other states. Reciprocity means that the issuing state and other states recognize each others handgun licenses.

While the $17 may be an attractive offer, I ask you this. If you are a resident of Texas, might it be more advantageous to obtain your Texas License to Carry? The TX LTC allows you to carry open or concealed. It is also recognized in most states around the country. Please see this link to see what states Texas has reciprocity with

Texas also lowered it fees. The license is only $40. There are also discounts available as well

So please do not be fooled by other companies offering a so called concealed handgun license or a multi-jurisdictional handgun license. Not only will you not receive a Texas License to Carry, but you’ll be out a whole lot of money.

Interested in obtaining your Texas License to Carry? Visit and get started.